Enduring, inexhaustible power.

Tom Rinehart brings to E4G a deep understanding of natural gas development and processing. His sound business principles built an empire, Elkhorn Energy, which is respected far beyond its Oklahoma roots. A person of the land, Tom innately understands the need to move beyond petroleum. Tom's vision is the genesis of our company.

Jeff Schlichting is a principal of Sustainable Legacy, LLC., specializing in the development of power generation projects, particularly renewable energy and cogeneration. Jeff has been active in the renewable energy industry for over 25 years. As project development leader, Jeff uses his energy background as well as his work in municipal finance and project finance to assist E4G in a variety of roles.

Jon Handy's credibility as a successful farmer provides a natural starting point to begin the essential conversation that must occur with land owners, the critical element of any wind project. He has the capacity to begin dialogue with fellow farmers: Jon speaks the language. It is Jon who first saw the potential of combining Tom Rinehart's vision with Pete Ferrell's experience.

Pete Ferrell brings over a decade of proven experience in wind farm development. In 1995, on his cattle ranch, Pete cultivated the process that resulted in the construction of the second commercial-scale wind farm built in Kansas. After becoming educated about the challenges of wind farm development, Pete's persistence paid off with the completion of the 150- megawatt Elk River Wind Farm south of Beaumont, Kansas. When it was commissioned in 2005, Elk River was the largest wind farm in the state.

Matthew Hantzmon is the founder of Hexagon Energy. He is an experienced entrepreneur, previously founding and managing successful renewable energy companies including Greenlight Energy (wind), HelioSage (solar), and Columbia Power Technologies (wave). Matt has extensive experience developing renewable power projects, including over 6,000 megawatts of wind energy facilities and over 400 megawatts of solar energy facilities.