Enduring, inexhaustible power.

Hexagon Energy
Hexagon Energy is a sophisticated independent energy development firm, developing projects across six diverse energy solutions with one common goal—powering a clean future. Over the past 13 years, the principals of Hexagon Energy have developed and financed over 6,500 MW of energy projects: large and small, from a multitude of energy sources, in the U.S. and abroad, representing over $1 billion USD in invested capital.

Capitol Airspace
Capitol Airspace Group is an aviation consulting firm that provides analytical, strategic and advocacy services to airports, communities and commercial developers. The company’s core competency is in air traffic control operations, airspace, terminal instrument procedures and obstacle assessment and airspace mitigation. Capitol Airspace Group draws upon leading experts and executives in the country to identify, study and resolve airspace impacts and airport encroachment.

Comsearch's wind energy services provide tools to address the siting challenges that result from complex telecommunications issues. Proactive steps to mitigate potential conflicts may include the need to prevent legal and regulatory/zoning problems and the desire to promote goodwill within the community—a good neighbor approach.

Eller & Detrich
With more than 30 years of providing clients with quality legal representation, Eller & Detrich has built a solid reputation as an innovative law firm. Eller & Detrich provides a diverse client base with legal guidance, experience and insight on a wide array of matters. We help our clients find solutions with practical legal advice and creative, forward thinking.

Quanta Services
Quanta Services safely builds, maintains and provides comprehensive solutions for the infrastructure that delivers electricity, and all its conveniences, to neighborhoods and businesses. Utilities, electric cooperatives, municipal agencies and independent power producers choose Quanta for its extensive knowledge, expansive resources and complete scope of services.

Westwood Professional Services
Creatively integrating clients' objectives with sensitive environments to achieve compliance and obtain approvals. Westwood's team of ecological and regulatory experts resolves issues and creates opportunities for clients.

World Tower
World Tower provides the Wind Power Generating Industry the most reliable, economical MET tower systems in the business.  All towers are made from solid steel and welded by certified welders.